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Living Alone: Apartment Must Haves

Venturing off into the world alone is equal parts nerve-wracking, exciting, and every other emotion. Add living alone to that mix, and enjoying the solo life can start to seem a tad intimidating. Not to fear! The freedom that comes from the flexibility of living alone will outweigh any and all anxieties. And to make your transition into this new way of living as seamless as possible, we’ve put together a short list of apartment must-haves.

Kitchen Essentials

Yes, takeout is sure to become your best friend when living solo. However, that doesn’t mean you should forgo stocking your kitchen with essentials such as:

  • Utensils
  • A coffee maker
  • Mugs, cups, plates, and other dishware
  • Pots and pans
  • Measuring cups
  • Dish towels
  • Cleaning supplies

Bedroom Must Haves

Before all else, one of the top items on your list of furnishings for your new apartment should be a bed. A quality mattress is a life-changing investment that doesn’t have to be expensive, but must be prioritized along with sheets, pillows, and lamps.

Bathroom Necessaries

When it comes to “furnishing” your bathroom, stick to the absolute basics, and bring them with you as the first items to go into your apartment: a plunger, towels, shower curtain, bathmat, hand soap, and first aid kit.

The Living Room & Other Essential Furnishings

It’s important to note that while furnishing your apartment is a great way to create your home-sweet-home, there is no need to go out and buy all of your essentials at once. Create a budget that works with your timeline and enjoy the freedom that comes from living alone and designing your own place. A couch, for instance can be a bigger investment that might be better to purchase after you’ve lived in your new home for a while.
The luxury Wildwood, FL, apartments at PepperTree Apartment Homes offer all that you could hope to have access to while living alone. From rich community amenities to contemporary furnishings, our complex goes above and beyond to ensure you feel completely at home. Contact us today to schedule a tour.