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What to Get Rid of Before You Move

Boxes are flying, your things are chaotically spread across the floor, and dust bunnies have multiplied by the dozens: What’s going on? You’re moving. As exciting as relocating can be, the process of actually packing up your things is not fun—especially if you’ve managed to build a treasury of random knickknacks. One of the best things that you can do prior to your move is to downsize your belongings, creating a fresh slate and saving your back from lifting one more box on move-in day.
Getting rid of your prized possessions is easier said than done. To help simplify this process for you, we’ve created this short guide on what to get rid of before a move—happy donating!


Your 50 sweatshirts, college t-shirt collection, and ripped jeans don’t all need to make the trip with you! Go through your closet and create a donate, keep, and toss pile.

Unread Books

Books are heavy, taking up valuable box space and breaking your back on move-in day. To avoid the labor of transporting your library, scan your shelves for books that you hated or never got around to reading and donate them.

Mugs & Plastic Containers

We’re all guilty of having a chipped mug/plastic container shelf. If it has a crack, chip, or lame joke, toss your mug. And if you are tired of hunting for plastic container sets, do yourself a favor and trash the collection—replacing it with a more sustainable glass bento box.
If you are stuck on whether or not an item should travel with you on your move, employ the practicality test: Will you use it, when was the last time you used it, and does it have a home?
Not in the mood to downsize? That’s cool, too! At PepperTree Apartment Homes, our apartments are spacious and designed with luxurious, contemporary details to ensure that you have the perfect blank slate for your collection of knickknacks and furnishings. Check out our location in Wildwood, FL.