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What Is a Sublease Agreement?

If you’re renting an apartment, you probably signed a lease agreement spelling out the terms of your rental, including how long you’re expected to stay and make payments for the use of the property. In some cases—for example, if you land your dream job and it’s not within commuting distance of your apartment—you may wish to vacate your apartment before the specified lease term is up. Depending on the terms of your lease agreement, you may be able to sublease your apartment to another person so that you don’t have to shoulder the financial burden of upholding your agreement without compensation.

An apartment sublease agreement is a legal contract that binds a third party to the conditions of the original lease agreement, either for a set period or the remainder of the lease term. Although it’s important to seek your landlord’s permission before you sublet your apartment, the sublease agreement will be a contract between you and the third party. If your tenant fails to pay the rent or causes damage to the property, you will remain responsible for paying the landlord as set forth in your original lease agreement.

Importance of Checking Your Apartment Lease Terms

It’s important to thoroughly review your lease agreement when renting an apartment. Some lease agreements will specify whether you can sublease your apartment or not. Even if your lease agreement doesn’t address the issue, you’ll want to notify your landlord or leasing office about your plans to sublet your apartment and make sure it’s allowed. If you sublease your apartment without permission, your landlord may be able to serve you with an eviction notice, and that could make it difficult for you to rent an apartment in the future.

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